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We have an incredible group of volunteers and participants that help us at each of our events. They give their time to help the organizations that we visit by portraying characters, taking photographs, or just lending a helping hand. They are an integral part of our success, and we appreciate each and every one of them!


If you are interested in joining Cause-Play Memphis, please click the Contact link and send us a message!


Official Team Members



Lyndzy Lucchesi

Meagan Jones

Rodney Adams

Garrett Dunnewold

James Fyke

Jeremy Jones

John Scanlon

Jordan Wroten

Johnny Bedsole

Amanda Buchanan

Ariana Davis

Sara Freites

Melissa Hayes

Nikkie D. Parker-Dunnewold






Christopher Holmes

Yannick Jones

Chris Jowers

Amy Lillard

Josh Lincoln

Andrew Hylander

Angel Logsdon

Marc Meeker

Marcy Dunlap Meeker

Ryann Mazur

Mia Murchison

Chelsea Gwinn

Tanealya Choe

Robin Burks



Alexandra Zipporah Rudner

Heidi Curtis Smith

Joshua Smith

Andrea Starnes

Max Witherington

Cassandra Bedsole

Kenneth Dunn

Christi Robinson

Stephanie Marie Benson

Phillip Perez

Destin Williams

Tori Martin